Spring (?) skiing

Almost three weeks into spring but it’s kind of a rodeo on Teton Pass. Winter conditions on April 9, 20″ over three days.

Rendezvous Bowl study plot

A 2×4 painted white and jammed into the ground has served as a benchmark for snow depth measurement at the Rendezvous Bowl study plot at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort since 1965. As of March 1, 2017, snow depth at the plot was 151 inches, a record for that point of the season.

Glory Bowl avalanche debris

Highway 22 cuts through avalanche debris at the base of Glory Bowl on Teton Pass on Sunday morning. The road over the pass was closed for four and a half days due to dangerous avalanche conditions during a major winter storm last week. Mitigation efforts during the closure by the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Gazex system on Friday set off a slide that deposited almost 20 feet of snow across the highway. #WyoHwy22 is an ongoing photo essay exploring life and culture along Wyoming’s shortest and most scenic state highway.

Bald eagle

A bald eagle assumes a posture called “mantling” while sitting on a fence post south of Jackson earlier last week. The behavior is often associated to defending a food source, a likely senario here given the proximity of a deer carcass. Raptors also assume the posture when they are overheated, wet or sick.

Sleeping Indian

Sleeping Indian, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

National Elk Refuge sleigh rides

A sleigh full of visitors to the National Elk Refuge gets an intimate view of the wintering elk herd Tuesday afternoon. The reported a 35% increase in ridership during the holiday period from Christmas Eve to New Year’s eve.

Powder Poachers

Powder poacher on the hillside above the South Park industrial complex, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Reminder this is critical winter range for wildlife and closed until May 1.

Teton Valley wedding — Angela and Dan

Teton Valley wedding — Angela and Dan

@ 2016 Bradly J. Boner

National Park Service centennial

Hundreds of tourists gather in early August to watch an eruption of Old Faithful at the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. As the National Park Service celebrates its # centennial on August 25, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and other national parks around the country are experiencing record visitation that threatens the very resources that inspired the parks’ creation.

Jackson Hole wedding — Monika and Alex

Jackson Hole wedding — Monika and Alex

@2016 Bradly J. Boner